Bad News First

We are officially moved. While we still have to go back & clean the apartment before our final walk-though, we are out of there. The weekend had its good & bad moments. The good far outweighed the bad but I’m a “bad news first” kinda person, so we’re going to start with that.

1. We have no internet or cable. While we ran the cable    for the entire house, it needs to be hooked up outside to the box. The box for our row of homes resides behind a locked fence, complete with barbed wire on the top. Now we have to find out who’s in charge of side fence and when it will/can be open{ed}. Tonights premiere of Brick City?? Yeah. Don’t have cable and therefore cannot watch it. Booooooooo.

2. Our car got broken into. We moved the car down the block to make room for the moving truck early Saturday afternoon. Sunday afternoon we went to put some Home Depot return in the trunk and saw this.


No, we don’t usually leave our windows down.


Nor do we make a habit of sitting in shattered glass.


Nearest we can tell, it was my black zippered top makeup bag that lured them in. My freakin’ MAKE-UP BAG!I’d show you a picture of it but ~ oh that’s right! ~ they stole it. It was sitting right on the passenger seat. And it’s not like I wear expensive make-up. Hope you like L’Oreal & Cover Girl, cause there was nothing better than that in the bag.


While my make-up is equivalent to that of a 13 year old, they did snag our Garmin & satellite radio {both of which were chillin’ in the glove compartment}. That kinda sucks. Especially since we’ve entered the 1.5 months per year when I start to spend more time in the car than the office.


The purely rational side of me recognizes that it’s just stuff. Stuff that can be easily replaced. Nothing sentimental, personal, confidential or identifying was taken. But it is unsettling. It happened ON OUR STREET. Lesson learned. NOTHING stays in the car.


We filed a police report and I’m calling the insurance company today. Welcome to the neighborhood.

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6 Responses to Bad News First

  1. townhouselady says:

    Ouch! That’s such a kick in the guts. I’m so sorry!

  2. Carrie says:

    Oh no!! Shawn’s car was broken into once while we were at a concert, so I know that sinking feeling when you walk up to the car and see the broken glass. And how terrible that it happened on your own street!

  3. caitie says:

    well, thanks for the update but man what a downer lol. I’m really sorry that was your welcome to the neighborhood but you have the right attitude about it and you were lucky nothing worse happened. like- getting the entire car stolen?

    i’m sorry though 😦 can’t wait to hear the good news! and i totally miss your old apartment. it was bangin.

  4. Sara says:

    YUCK! It will happen to that person someday, and then they will know how it feels. Hope the rest of your week is better!

  5. Welcome to the neighborhood indeed! I hope that things look up from here. And if it makes you feel any better, I’ve had my purse stolen from a car on a really nice street. This isn’t really a bad sign.

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