Brick City on Sundance

Last year Sundance came & filmed a 5-part special series about our city. Last night was the premier here in Newark but I was unable to attend any of the screenings. {major bummer} Ninapilar posted about it on Glocally though.

I will be catching it the premier Monday, September 21st on the Sundance Channel, just like you.

Brick City

Check out the exclusive excerpt from Episode 1.  

I’m excited to see it. We’ve only been Newark residents for 3 years, so we’re still relatively new. I don’t know what to expect from the series. I hope it’s honest but uplifting.

For more information {& video clips}, check out their websitetwitter.

So find out what channel Sundance is on your cable box and join me next Monday night ~ September 21st ~ at 10pm.

Then either comment here or tweet at me and let me know what you think.

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