Sanding Drywall

(Blogging from my phone, so all the pictures are attached at the bottom instead of nicely dispersed throughout the post. My apologies.)

Yesterday we installed the drywall in the master bedroom. Yay! It’s only slightly wavy but that spot will be behind the bed.

Today I am sanding the joint compound. Smearing on the spackle is so easy one forgets what a pain (and mess!) sanding it down is. I’m dripping in sweat.

Not metaphorically dripping in sweat. Actually dripping in sweat. Like sweaty boys at the gym drip? That’s what I look like. The droplets running off my nose are making constellations in the dust on the floor. Attached is a picture for proof. I might as well be standing outside in the rain, at least that would be refreshing.

There is an upside to working so much in the bedroom. I’m starting to craft a vision for what I’d like the space to look & feel like. Like most of my ideas, they’re slightly off the wall. This morning I discribed my latest idea to the hubs and his exact response was, “Why can nothing with you be simple??”

Ok. Enough of a break. At least it’s raining harder & cooling off a little. On the 3rd floor with no AC was getting brutal. Back to sanding. And then spackling. And then sanding….

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