Thanks Dad!

Our dads have been a HUGE help with the house so far. They bring such knowledge, insight, and skill to our projects. We’d be in way over our head without them.

So here’s to dads!

Dads who remind us to always measure twice

Dad A measuring

and cut once.

Dad & Rob demo cabinet

Dads who help us demo.

Dad L kitchen demo

And look behind walls to make sure we really want to demo that.


Dads who patiently help us pick out paint colors.


Dads who help us vacuum up gross rodent droppings.


And take over so we can do other things.

Dad A vacuums tub

Dad’s who bring their own tools.

Dad & me demoing kitchen

And dads who let us borrow their tools.


Dad’s who don’t mind getting a little dirty.

Dads & Rob demo fireplace

And dads who give up their weekends to hang out and help us.


Thanks Dad(s)!!! We appreciate your help and support more than you’ll ever know!!


We love you!!

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1 Response to Thanks Dad!

  1. Pop A says:

    No thanks required. We love you guys and are so proud of all your accomplishments (individual and mutual). I look forward to our time together whether around the pool or pulling down sheet rock.

    See you both next weekend

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