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On Breaking & Entering, Theft, & Vandalism

They say one of the fastest ways to blow your budget & timeline in a renovation is to change the design midstream. I would say those people would be correct. At least when it comes to the timeline part. This … Continue reading

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Exhausted or Not?

Apparently some people have very strong opinions about exhaust hoods. Either you love them, can’t cook without them. Or you think they’re generally a complete waste of dollars & energy. I’m torn. So here’s what my kitchen looked like before … Continue reading

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Soapstone Counters

I’m 90% certain I want soapstone counters in the kitchen. No. Make that, 96%. A natural stone, it’s incredibly heat-resistant (yay for hot pots) and nonporous. It changes from gray to black when oiled, which I love. It scratches easier than … Continue reading

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Buh bye, Kitchen

Before the kitchen was emptied, things were looking a little cluttered. That changed Tuesday & Wednesday as things got emptied out. Thursday & Friday were incredibly productive days, resulting in a kitchen that looked more like this – That means … Continue reading

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The Countdown has Begun

Tomorrow morning we demo the kitchen. WOOT! A few updates to the space have been made over the past 3 years. At closing, the floors were covered with a light wood-like laminate, there was no dishwasher, and the upper counter had … Continue reading

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The 2nd Floor Bathroom

WARNING. This post really should be about 5-8 individual posts but because I’ve been compiling it for 2+ weeks, it’s all coming in one GIGANTIC post. There are literally 60 photos in this post. Hope you’re comfy with lots of time to … Continue reading

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