What to Expect in 2011

The beginning of a new year and back in action on the blog. With the extended break still fresh, I’m sure you’re wondering – “So what’s on tap?” {Well I am, at least. And I run this thing.}

Until recently, the main renovation focus was on a part of the house I don’t see everyday. Heck, I don’t see it for months on end now that there’s a tenant. And, honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Especially come the 1st of every month.

But it means the rest of the house that I do see every day {aside from the master bedroom} is still pretty much a jumbled mess of ridiculous colors, boxes, & clutter. 2011 is the year that changes.

What will 2011 hold for this little corner of Brick City?

In a word – Lots

In order of appearance, here’s what I plan to tackle –

1. The guest room & living room walls have been painted but you don’t know that yet. Consider it our little secret. Shhhhhhhh.

2. “The Office”

AKA – the 3rd floor back room that was the impetus to get rid of 111 things. Chock-full-o-crap with a giant hole in the ceiling, this room is all sorts of klassy.


While this room was content just being a box room, needs have changed. This room will transform to be both storage & office. The ceiling will get fixed, everything will be painted {I’m thinking gray with white trim}, and storage needs will be overhauled. Since I believe every room needs a name and “3rd Floor Back Room” was a bit too long and wordy, this will now be called “The Office.”

3. Blog overhaul & redesign

I switched things up from my original layout because I wanted to post larger pictures but I’m just not loving things. I think the font is too big, the organization is sucky, and things could just generally be better.

I’ll be figuring it out as I go along, so if things are looking a little wonky just chalk it up to me messing around with code I know nothing about. {I’m also planning a flickr overhaul & reorganization. Here’s hoping I don’t break too many photo links.}

4. The awful red red hallway


It really is awful. I mean . . . brick red walls {AND TRIM!} with butter yellow ceiling and tri-color crown molding {butter yellow/marigold/red}. Who thought that was a good idea?! Srsly. WHO???

And more importantly – How have I lived with it like this for so long without my eyeballs falling out? It is a biological mystery, I tell ya.

5. Clearing out the 2nd floor front room

This room still needs a name. I’m open to suggestions. “The Room Formerly Known As Soundproofed Front Room” is too long to fit in my “Categories” drop down menu.

This room needs to be cleared out {as it’s currently more chock-full-o-crap than The Office} so I can get to #6.

6. The Guest Room closet

The Guest Room closet shares a wall with “The Room Formerly Known As Soundproofed Front Room.” A wall that is badly damaged and needs to be replaced. Lots of dust & debris will ensue, as things need to basically need to be done from scratch. Here’s what the closet currently looks like –


Here’s hoping it doesn’t look like that in 2012!

7. Wildcard

After the guest room closet, THE PLAN starts to get a little fuzzy. Maybe the 2nd floor bathroom? Maybe finishing the staircase risers & balusters? Maybe take advantage of the summer weather to focus on the front stoop? Maybe do the living room ceiling {so I can actually decorate}? Only time will tell.

So that’s the big stuff happening in 2011 here at Brick City Love. Lots of renovation with little fun projects here & there. Just the way I like it.

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8 Responses to What to Expect in 2011

  1. Robin says:

    Wow, can’t wait to see all of the finished projects! I’m thinking the front stoop and LR ceiling would be good projects to add. Summer time is limited so I’d get that out of the way and finishing the LR would mean you’d have at least one room completely done.

  2. That red hallway is somethin’ else. Can’t wait to see it in it’s final glory. Also loving the gray paint idea. (I’m considering some grays myself.)

  3. Girl, you are going to be busy this year! Can’t wait to see everything come together. You are like a renovating super hero. IT’s going to be great.

  4. KML says:

    Sounds like it’s time to call the elves….

  5. mea3126 says:

    I can’t believe you live in your home with those red walls. My eyes hurt and I haven’t seen it in a year…

  6. That’s a shitload of projects. Can’t wait for you to paint over that red hallway, honestly, I can’t believe you haven’t done that already! Go, girl!

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