A{nother} Clean Bathroom

At the beginning of the month, Mom A cleaned the 2nd floor bathroom.  {It’s managed to stay relatively clean but only because we don’t live there yet.}

Meanwhile, the 3rd floor bathroom sat looking like this.


Neglected. Covered with sawdust from our June floor refinishing & general college student grime. This was also the bathroom that smelled like vomit & mildew until we pulled the carpet squares up. {YUM!}

On the 15th, that all changed.

Mom L spent her entire Saturday getting chummy with our porcelain fixtures & Mr. Clean.


Oh the things we do for love.



Quite the Before & After, don’t you think?
DSC_0426 IMG_0121

Thanks Mom!

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2 Responses to A{nother} Clean Bathroom

  1. Mom Liv says:

    LOVE you BOTH!!

  2. Kim says:

    Cleaning is the best renovator. =)

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