What Weekends Used to Be


On those weekends not spent hanging out with our family, this is what weekends used to be.


Lazy Saturday afternoons or quiet Sunday mornings.


Time spent just hanging out on the sofa.


Throwing toys.




Just general hanging out.


Doing whatever, whenever.


Like more napping.

Not anymore!! Nowadays, our weekends are spent working at the house.

We’re making progress, so that’s rewarding. I’m looking forward to our bedroom being completed. Or at least free from dust.

I’m really really sick of spackle dust. It’s killing me. Literally. I’ve got a cough that could scare small children.


This weekend will be spent cleaning up all the dust {YAY!!!} and starting to paint {double YAY!!!}.

I’ve got a few things fun things almost ready to show you but they’re not quite ready for primetime.

In the meantime, you’ll have to deal with the incredibly self-indulgent pictures of my favorite mohawked dog. I apologize.

Tomorrow there will be pictures of the house & building materials & Newark!

Today, I’m going back to the house to sand & respackle 2 walls. It’s JUST as fun as it sounds.


(all pics in this post were taken in our apartment, pre-house)
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6 Responses to What Weekends Used to Be

  1. Kim says:

    Awww…. it’s so much work but so worth it. Think of how wonderful it will be when you are relaxing in your HOUSE!

    Cannot wait to see the painting and other projects.

  2. Dad "A" says:

    Love the pic of Rob throwing the toy (AKA Bruce’s butt pic). His tail is moving so fast, it’s a blur! 🙂

  3. Mom Liv says:

    Love that mohawk profile pix! Missing little Bruce…

  4. Beverly says:

    Bruce is adorable! I wish Blakely would sleep with/be nice to her stuffed animals.

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