Bonus Post: SwedeShop

If you’re a fan of IKEA and have an iPhone, you should check out this new app (featured on IKEA hacker today).*

Ditch the paper & stubby pencil! It’s a shopping list app where you can enter all sorts of important info you’d write on the paper list. You can set a picture, description, even what aisle & bin to find the product in.  This app also lets you set a budget (and include tax!). It warns when you’re over budget by vibrating.

swede shop

Usually retails for $0.99, it’s FREE today (midnight pacific time, 18 August 2009). I’ve only begun to play with it but – HEY! – it’s free. If I don’t use it, it can easily be erased with no loss of moolah.

(*Recommendation not valid if product isn’t free. I honestly haven’t play with it much yet, so I don’t know if it’s totally worth the $0.99. Guess a trip to IKEA is in order to give it a test run. Oh the sacrifices I make for this blog.)

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