Blankets for Dash

The past 2 months have been slim pickin’s around here. While not terribly much has happened with the house, it hasn’t been all bon-bons and pedicures.

I have been working on this –


A baby quilt for the tiniest little human ever.


While I am a smidge familiar with how to operate a sewing machine, I have never made a quilt before. I didn’t find the prospect of cutting big pieces of fabric down to little pieces of fabric only to sew them back into big pieces of fabric all that appealing. But, for some reason, I was compelled – driven even – to make my first one for this precious little baby boy. I even hand-sewed the binding and hand-embroidered my own little message to him –


For those that don’t like to read sideways, it says: “2 -, ❤ C”. {His name is Dash.}

When Dash sprinted into the world a little early, I felt the 4’x5′ quilt was a little overkill. {I’ve bought roaster chickens bigger than he was.} He needed something smaller; softer; more ‘baby blanket’ than quilt. So I made this –



And added a little more traditional personalization –


For those interested making a baby blanket, single-fold satin binding is not for the faint of heart. I got very buddy-buddy with my seam ripper before arriving at a suitable outcome.

All in all, I am personally thrilled with how they came out. They were both lots of fun to make and good practice {of my sewing skills & patience}. I could see making one every so often. I don’t think I’ll become a “quilter” but I have a new-found admiration for those who are {like my grandmother – Hi MomMom!!}. Quite proud of them. I hope the new mom likes these as much as I do.

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4 Responses to Blankets for Dash

  1. KMLiving says:

    Love the embroidery and the design. Amazed at all the different shades of blue and the “NAVY”! Beautiful and practical quilts for a darling little boy. Know he will get lots of use out of both of them – now & later!!

  2. Erin says:

    I love everything about each of these gifts… they are beautiful, well crafted and most important, lovingly made from his Aunt Carrie. They are a wonderful addition to his room and will be perfect for him to hang out on and use for “tummy time” when he gets home. I cannot thank you enough or love you more… no matter what.

    PS: The Navy color will be a constant theme in our lives, right Aunt Kathy?!? Thats ok, cause I love it… and all the colors in the quilt!

    • I’m so glad you like it!!! That makes my day. Tried to make the quilt a pattern that could grow with him and wasn’t “BABY!!!!!” but still worked with his nursery decor.

      Don’t forget, they were meant to be used. So no hanging it on the wall or saving it away in a box. Get ’em dirty and broken in.

  3. meltepp says:

    love these Carrie 🙂

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