Remember the Details

Good morning friends. It’s been a week since I posted; the longest gap of time in the history of this blog. It feels like forever.

Things with the house have gone to the back burner while I finish my masters program. My final presentation is May 3rd. I logically realize it’s nearly a month away but it seems like it’s tomorrow and next year all at the same time. It’s an odd mental state to be in. I have to graduate {like “HAVE TO!!” have to}, so that’s where my attentions have been.

I hope to get at least a couple posts a week for the next month but 5 times a week probably isn’t realistic. Please bear with me. Deal?

So how was your holiday? Ours was lovely. We spent Easter with both our families. I won’t go into all the boring personal deets but do want to share one photo.

When I look at rooms, I notice the details. Yes, a room is about the whole thing working together but it’s also about those special details. The items people choose to display, the stories that must go with them. It isn’t any wonder that detail photographs usually rank among my favorite. The one above was taken yesterday.

We were dying Easter eggs so clear plastic protected the tablecloth. The sunlight was filtering in from the skylight at the left end of the room, washing up toward this end of the table.

This is my grandfather – PopPop – stirring my Grammy’s coffee in her mug.

She always has the same shaped mug, although the design sometimes changes. Pop’s mug is the one that says “RELAX”. He has used that mug as far back as I can remember. I never remember him having coffee at my parents house in any other mug – ever! Both sit in the mug cabinet at my parent’s house but are used only by them. That’s PopPop’s mug and always will be.

What touches me most – besides that nostalgic piece of ceramic – is Pop’s hands. The way he is stirring her coffee, making sure it’s just the way Gram likes it.

My grandmother is a strong woman who grew up during the Depression (do that math!); a very resourceful, thrifty, intelligent, educated woman. And yet, Pop has always fixed her coffee for her. A simple yet deeply meaningful act of service and love. It’s a detail I’ve noticed.

What do you notice around your friends & family? Do they always have to have the same mug? Or maybe your brother always gets the door for your mom? What special things do you notice about the people you love?

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6 Responses to Remember the Details

  1. Aw, I got goosebumps reading this (and I love the photo). Those are the things that matter, aren’t they? Andrew always turns my seat warmer on for me before I get into the car, and I’ve always found it to be a really comforting gesture — especially since it’s something we’ve never discussed, and the kind of thing that I probably wouldn’t remember to do for him.

    I love this post.


  2. caitie says:

    phil always fixes my necklace for me when the lock is in the front.

    my dad has never once come home from work without walking around the entire house and kissing every single person hello- no matter how distracted they are by cooking/tv/computer/phone- he still kisses all of us hello every night.

    my mom always leaves my favorite stuffed animal from when i was a kid on my bed for me when i make trips back to nj.

    on a different note: remember kian? phil’s friend from opera works? saw his apt in NY last week and there’s something in his bedroom you’d L-O-V-E. there’s a somewhat unattractive dresser with stuff PILED on top of it in the corner. to mask it, they hung white drapes from the ceiling to the floor and they’re hung from an old fashioned shower curtain pipe with old curtain rings like you might see on old roman stand alone tubs. reminded me of your theatre curtain. I’ll try to get a picture for you- you’d enjoy.

  3. Brandi says:

    I can’t believe you’ve been doing all this work on your home while working on a masters! I’m so impressed. It’s definitely more important that you focus on finishing your schooling. And honestly, I think one of the greatest things about working on your home is that it’s a progress. It’s always great to discover new things and find that perfect piece of furniture or duvet cover or whatever else.

    And noticing those little special things about people is everything. My dad does lots of little things like that. He used to take my car early in the morning and fill the tank for me. Just one of those things that made me feel special.

  4. Mom Liv says:

    This is beautiful….

  5. Dad "A" says:

    We had a beautiful lunch at Mom & Dad Liv’s on Easter. Mom “A” and I love spending time together with the Liv’s and McG’s and look forward to many more happy years together (I particularly loved when Grammy remembered the deviled eggs!) 🙂

    You two are helping us build our memories. We are so happy and proud. You keep working on the masters. Let us work on the house (for now at least).

    See you this weekend. I’ll get cracking on that basement floor (no pun intended) 🙂

  6. cityhoot says:

    That’s a really sweet gesture on behalf of your PopPop.

    My grandmother used to say the rosary every day because when my grandfather was sick a long time ago, she made a promise that if he got through it OK, she would say the rosary every day for the rest of her life. She pretty much did, too, up until the end. She passed away last year, and now I have the rosary beads that she used.

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