Pigment Swirls

You go to your local paint or home improvement store to buy paint.

After staring at the walls of swatches you finally pick one. Or maybe you brought one with you to be matched.

Either way, you hand the swatch to the guy behind the counter and tell him what finish you want.

A few minutes later he hands you back your freshly mixed paint and you’re good to go.

But have you ever seen what paint looks like after the pigments are added but BEFORE it’s mixed?

Paint before mixing

Super cool, right?! I love the swirls.

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3 Responses to Pigment Swirls

  1. Kate H. says:

    Meanwhile, the paint mixing guy is muttering to himself, “Damn housebloggers! They gotta take a picture of everything!”

    But it is very cool.

  2. Leigh says:

    I was amazed the very first time that I bought paint that they didn’t just have premixed cans available. Not really sure what hole I had been living in to not know how paint worked.

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