Nana-penos: Our Secret Weapon

Nana-penos are our little invention. They evolved from a joke; a slice of banana, topped with a slice of jalapeno, & a dusting of cinnamon sugar. They honestly weren’t very good but some people actually seemed to enjoy the combination. We’ve tweaked them with the addition of corn muffin mix & subtracting the cinnamon sugar.

Jiffy corn muffin mix

jiffy, jalapeno, egg, milk

Into your mixing bowl combine:

3 boxes of Jiffy corn mix
3 eggs
1 cup milk
4 tablespoons diced seeded jalapenos {don’t forget to take the seeds out; they’re hot}

jalapeno corn muffins

We use mini-muffin pans. Three boxes of muffin mix make 6 dozen mini-muffins.

Don’t forget to liberally spray the pans with cooking spray! You want things to pop right out.

mini muffin tray

Put a dab of muffin mix in the bottom of each cup and press a thick half slice of banana into it.

fill muffins halfway

Then cover the banana with another dollop of muffin mix.

cover banana

Then bake at 350 for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

baked nana-penos

Since you sprayed the pan, they should just pop right out.

baked nana-penos ready to go

The chunk of banana is a really smooth surprise that nicely balances the spice of the jalapenos. Quite delicious, actually.

trayed up nana-penos

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2 Responses to Nana-penos: Our Secret Weapon

  1. Mom Liv says:

    They are YUM!!

  2. Okay… I’m so unsure about these that I think I HAVE to try them just to see what they taste like. Jalapeno’s and banana? I’m so doing it.

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