Best Neighbors Ever

This weekend it snowed and we weren’t home. While Brick City didn’t get as much as Eva, we weren’t looking forward to shoveling it when we rolled in at 11pm on Sunday night.

As we unloaded the car ~ dreading trudging up the snowy stairs with our overnight bag & cookies ~ we saw this:


That would be a completely SNOW FREE sidewalk and stoop.


With salt, so it doesn’t ice over!


I cannot begin to describe how wonderful this was to come home to.


I could have gone over and given a GIANT sloppy wet kiss to our neighbors. Except that would be weird.


So instead, we just went over with a plate of homemade love.


And a heartfelt THANK YOU!!!

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5 Responses to Best Neighbors Ever

  1. mrslimestone says:

    What sweet neighbors!

    I would now like to point out how we often shovel our neighbors walks and receive no treats in return. You should move to Brooklyn!

  2. Sara says:

    How lovely of them! We share a driveway, and our neighbor always snowblows our driveway (he insists it’s silly for us to buy a snowblower)….he is such a lifesaver, but we’re going to repay him with beer instead of treats! Mmm, beer.

  3. Mom Liv says:

    What kindness… good neighbors!

  4. How nice! What lovely neighbors you have!

  5. Dad "A" says:

    There’s nothing better than good neighbors looking out for one another. There will be many opportunities to reciprocate, perhaps a last minute baby sitting request, ride to the market when their car’s broken down, or even another snow storm where you and Rob are the one’s stuck at home. Whatever the situation is, it gives us all an opportunity to show kindness to one another. Spread the love! 🙂

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