Change of Address Cards

We’re sending out change of address cards. {FINALLY!}

Yes, we closed on the house May 29th.

And yes, we moved in back in September.

And I’m well aware that Christmas cards should be going out soon-ish.

In hopes that Christmas cards make their way to our door this year, we thought it might be nice if people knew we moved. Ya know, everyone besides the internet. {Hi’s interweb friends!} Besides, better late than never ~ right?!

move postcard front

Since it is almost Christmas card time, we wanted to go with a postcard to save on postage & envelope costs. We used Prints Made Easy for our wedding save the dates and were very pleased with their quality, service & turnaround. Vistaprint is cheaper but I’ve never been crazy about their quality. After a little googling, I actually found a Prints Made Easy coupon code for $5 off ~ fiveoff ~ if anyone’s interested. For 300 postcards, we paid $48.34 but I upgraded the shipping a little. 300 is a few too many but 100 wasn’t enough {the lowest option}. I would love a 200 option!

move postcard back

So if we’re on your Christmas card list, consider this your reminder that it’s time to update our address. Cause I loves me some Christmas card-y goodness.

* This is in no way shape or form a paid plug. I’ve just used a few times and have always been happy with the product.

** Picture used on the front of our postcards was taken by Kamila Harris

*** Wood display frame HOW TO coming tomorrow!!!!!

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7 Responses to Change of Address Cards

  1. Congrats! I always feel like the move is offcial once the announcements are in the mail 🙂

    Great photograph – did you manage to set that up by yourself?

  2. I meant to email you yesterday! I got it on Monday and it is ADORABLE. When I saw the front of the postcard, I thought it was an ad. The picture is that good. Then, I flipped it over, squealed and read it to Ryan. I love having cool friends. =)

  3. caitie says:

    we got ours!! i LOVE the picture you chose for the front 🙂 (and is it bad that I kinda loved that my name was before phil’s? it never is haha. even if you just did it alphabetically- still loved it.)

    anyway thanks! i have never sent a christmas card in my life but perhaps i will since I loved the post card so much…hmmm… it would be a christmaka card though hope that’s ok

  4. stephanie says:

    we got ours the other day. it was SOOO cute! thanks 🙂 and noted.

  5. livi says:

    Hey, thanks for the printing co tip, just placed an order.

  6. Beverly says:

    I got mine a while back (still behind on blogs!!!) and it’s so cute!!! We’re having our Christmas card pics taken this weekend and might use that company for our cards, because yours turned out so well! Thanks for the info!

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