Quick Tip: Peanut Butter

I like natural peanut butter. Peanut butter should just be peanuts {& maybe a smidge of salt, if we’re being completely honest}. Skippy, Jif, Peter Pan & the like taste so sweet to me. Yuck! Peanut butter should not be sweet.

Confession: We’re a 2 jar of peanut butter family. I eat natural & Rob prefers Peter Pan.

One of the issues though with natural peanut butter is the oil that rises to the top. Whenever you try to mix it, the oil sloshes out and runs down the side, onto your counters, and all over your fingers.


I picked this quick tip up from my dad a few years ago. {It was quite the “DUH!” moment. So simple.}

When you get home from the store, leave your natural peanut butter upside down on the counter for a couple days.


All the oil will rise to the bottom of the jar. When you flip it right side up, the peanut butter will be on the top & the oil will be on the bottom. TA-DA!! SO MUCH easier for mixing.

Don’t forget! Today is Movember Monday. Full post coming this evening.

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7 Responses to Quick Tip: Peanut Butter

  1. Lily says:

    You had me at peanutbutter…

    But in all honesty, I prefer the Skippy/Jif stuff.
    Don’t tell anyone, or they might revoke my Hippy Membership

  2. Z says:

    If you make your own peanut butter the oil hardly exists! Well, easy to mix anyways. You will never go back if you try it 🙂

  3. Great tip! I try to eat organic, but I hate how hard it is to mix. I’ll give this a try :).

  4. katherine says:

    How timely! I just received some natural foods in a gift basket including peanut butter that I’ve been using every morning in shakes. But that OIL was killing me — and made me want to kill others. You have saved a life today with this blog post.

  5. stephanie says:

    we’re a 2 jar family too – andrew prefers natural and i dont like to try so hard 🙂 andrew stores his jars upside down too – it definitely helps. i almost considered purchasing a peanut butter mixer thing from skymall magazine because i tried so hard to like natural… alas, i’m a reduced fat jif sorta gal!

  6. This is genius! I gave up on natural because of the oily mess, but maybe I’ll try it again now with this tip.

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