Fall in New Jersey

While visiting our parents this weekend, we drove past this tree. It’s amazing what beauty can be found right around the corner.


Isn’t it full of the most beautiful fall colors you’ve ever seen?? (This picture is 100% unedited & straight from the camera.) That orange may just be my most favorite color ever.


Bring on the pumpkins & mulled cider!! And Halloween. Halloween is also my favorite.


What’s your favorite season? Are you a fall fan? Does winter win? Spill.

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1 Response to Fall in New Jersey

  1. Sara says:

    Yeah, I’ve almost gotten into a couple accidents gawking at the trees around my house while I’m going to work. That one is a beauty! I would have to say I love summer the best because I love seeing flowers in bloom. And we have really low utility bills! ha

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