A Peak at the Real Me

Taking a break from the usual dust & dirt filled monotony.

While browsing through my google reader, I stumbled upon a perfectly frivolous yet superbly awesome product that I would one day like to purchase for our beautifully renovated bathroom. Said bathroom is light years in the future, so for the time being I will have to make do with pictures.

Perhaps if I tuck it away here, I’ll be able to find it again should a bathroom renovation ever happen. If our current progress is any indication of how things will go, I’m not holding my breath.

Yesterday Tangarang, a very cool DIY/entertaining/crafty blog, posted about a package that arrived from Plastic Foliage.


(pic source)

How cute are those?! (I believe the hubs exact reaction was “you’re a strange bird.” Yes. Yes, I am.)

(pic source)

And if you know me personally, you may be thinking they look a little familiar.

This would be my collection of baby doll molds.

rack of arms

It should be noted that I collect doll MOLDS. I don’t collect DOLLS. I don’t even like dolls. Doll Molds on the other hand…

Living / Dining Room

(This is our current apartment, by the way. It’ll be bittersweet to leave. sniffle sniffle)

Doll Molds

Some think it’s creepy, others think it’s cool. I love them.

I’ve also promised not to decorate any future nursery with them. I have not promised I wouldn’t wallpaper a nursery in giant plastic gas station numbers.

(please excuse the clutter, these were taken back in ’07 & not staged for the internet)

About our decorating aesthetic:

We are nontraditional and slightly odd. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what “home” is supposed to look like. I am a strong proponent for thinking outside the box and utilizing materials in ways other than listed in the instructions. We love art – making & collecting it. The hubs went to college to be a classically trained opera singer (and then decided he liked TV better) & mine was theatre. We are collectors (which doesn’t lend itself well to minimalism) but keep only the things we love. We want our home to be a reflection of us; where we’ve been, what we’ve experienced & shared, everything we love. Melding the very classic, traditional detailing of our new home with my wacky, industrial, weird aesthetic is going to be interesting but a very fun challenge.

I hope I don’t loose too many readers after this post.

Off the soapbox & back to the soap.

These fun Handsoaps are lovingly made by Plastic Foliage and sell for $18/set. Tangarang has some pictures of her set here.

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5 Responses to A Peak at the Real Me

  1. margauxhf says:

    The soap hands creep me out and amuse me all at once. They definitely catch my attention though. I think if I ever saw them in someone’s bathroom I would definitely have a good laugh.

  2. MEA says:

    yup these full into the same category for me as your MOLDS creepy!! are you gonna light them up at night so i have night mares too or attach them to the molds to creep me out? I probably shouldn’t give you any ideas…

  3. Eva says:

    There is an abandoned gas station near me with those giant plastic numbers and every time I drive past I think of your apartment walls. And then I wonder if you need more.

    I’m excited to see how your style grows in the new house.

  4. Skip says:

    I can say, from experience, that the Wall o’ Doll Molds is both creeptastic and creeptacular. I have spent many a night on an air mattress on the living room floor beneath said doll molds, only to wake up in the middle of the night with them staring at me… Their little beady, unblinking eyes probing my soul… The tiny hands with the gross-looking metal pustules reaching out…. (shudder).

  5. Kim says:

    I LOVE LOVE your apt. How have I never seen it?

    We have such different styles but I just love it. Love the way you designed the numbers on the wall. And… who knew? Doll molds? =)

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