Want your grandma’s bathroom??

Today we went out browsing for shower surrounds. Always wanting to patronized local, independent businesses, we stopped at 2.

First we stopped at Lafayette Hardware (135 Lafayette St). They had a nice selection of paint but no surrounds. We tried to swing by Continental Trading & Hardware’s at 190 Ferry St. but, being early on a Sunday morning, they were closed. We headed to their main – and much larger – location at 400 Delancey St.

First impression: they have an excellent selection of pavers and exterior finishes. It’s a very large store. We were directed to the bath section for shower & tub surrounds. Found a couple corner shower set-ups but, alas, nothing we needed.

While we struck out on surrounds, we did find a few things I was positive were no longer made.

Behold, all the matching ceramic bathroom fixtures your little heart could desire.

Mauve soap dish? Check.

Matching towel rack with designer acrylic bar?? Double check.

But what’s this?  You want to match your powder blue tub, you say?? But of course!

A powder blue soap dish paired with the matching tooth brush holder would be perfect for above your sink!

And clearly you’ll need the matching toilet paper holder.


And if you’re buying the powder blue toilet paper holder, you absolutely must go for the matching toilet!

And while you’re at it, why not throw in the powder blue bidet? It’ll keep you squeaky clean and you wouldn’t want to break up the set.

It’s ok; I know this is exactly what you were hunting high & low for. No need to thank me.

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11 Responses to Want your grandma’s bathroom??

  1. bathe says:

    LOVE them! They look especially great all together like that. But I’ve got a thing for crazy soap dishes, and an attachment to my late grandma’s bathroom. Love the powder blue and lemon, and all those rounded edges… Look forward to more of your bathroom posts!

  2. Kim says:

    I’ve never seen the large assortment of colors. Were those used???

    I have seen a few home decor magazines lately with grey toilets. I’m not ready to make the eternal “plunge” to a colored toilet. Call me crazy

  3. Carole says:

    What are the prices like? I really need to two new toilet seats; yellow and tan. Do they have website?

  4. Debre says:

    Did you find the surround you were seeking? I used sheets of Swanstone in my stall shower and got the look I wanted, but it wasn’t cheap,

  5. Carole – I didn’t look at prices but they all seemed like brand new product (not 2nd hand). Come up and we’ll go looking! (Or we could swing by and and let you know what they have.)

    Debre – I have since remeasured the tub and found it to be standard dimensions (60″L x 30″D). Home Depot has a few cheap, decent options. The caulkless ones seem to be most expensive ($200+ range) but the basic (gotta-caulk) ones seem to be very afforable (sub-$100). We might even go with the $47 one. Swanstone sounds really nice though!!

  6. Eva says:

    Have you seen my Lilac before bathroom? All its old fixtures would fit right in at that store….Although I’m so intrique by the unique-ness of Lilac. I haven’t found anything in that color other than in our house. Not even at Second Chance in Bmore! Is that lilac in the way way back of your picture or do I have to adjust my monitor colors?

    • I didn’t know you had a blog! Great bathroom; got just the fixtures for ya!!

      I think it may be lilac, actually. I can’t remember 100% though. The rainbow of ceramic choices was perhaps too dazzling.

  7. Luhra says:

    I love the pastel blue. This is the kind of blog that makes bathrooms fun again.

  8. Cindy says:

    wow awesome! I wish we’d have that selection of colors when we were planning to build our house 😛 I’d have gone for the red ones 😛 Although my spray bidet which I got here http://products.mercola.com/toilet-bidet/ would be really ugly to look at.

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