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I had hoped the stoop project would be relatively simple. Scrape, maybe a little sanding, repaint, and be done with it. NotSoMuch. That was wishful, wishful thinking. But hey; a girl can dream. The arched top of the woodwork didn’t … Continue reading

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So, The Stoop

Just a note – I might not post on a particular schedule, but I promise I’m back. No more giant spans of time missing from action around these parts! As I mentioned last week, I’m shifting priorities to the front … Continue reading

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On 2012 & The House’s Post Break-Up Haircut

2012 was a difficult year. Most of 2010 & 2011 weren’t exactly a walk in the park but I still made half an attempt at blogging. But 2012… 2012 was different. 2012 was coming to terms with the finality of … Continue reading

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