Subtle Inspiration?

I was looking through my flickr account last night for a picture and stumbled onto long forgotten bedroom inspiration photos. It seems I saved these back at the end of August {so right around the time we were selecting a bedroom paint color}.

I don’t save a ton of inspiration pictures. If I see a post in my google reader I like, I’ll star it. If I think other people would like it too, I may share it. But to actually save something to my hard drive and upload it to flickr has happened 10, maybe 15 times.  I’m sure that’s shocking to many but getting back to the topic at hand…

These inspiration photos I just re-found.

It’s interesting how many similarities there are between them and our final master bedroom design.

gray bedroom from babs blog

In the first photo, wall color is a similar tone to ours (though obviously more gray to our blue/green). The white velvet drapes that pool on the floor. The dark gray comforter with a lighter bedskirt and nubby light carpet. The comforter even seems to be a Matelassé type pattern!

master bedroom wide angle

light gray bedroom from babs blog

Check out the tall, light colored diamond tufted headboard with what looks like a matching bedframe. While my diamond tufted headboard has a dark wood frame around it, it is also pretty tall and matches our bedskirt. Again with the velvet drapes (although their radiator is white). Their dark floors are a little darker than ours but a similar idea. What REALLY stands out to me though is the light fixture. Have you seen ours?!


Almost exactly the same!

Crazy right?!

I remember saving these when we were looking for paint colors. I had already purchased the theatre curtains and remember thinking it was cool these pics showed similarly textured drapes. So was everything else coincidence? Or subconsciously influenced?

{Photo credit Canadian House & Home via The Bab’s Blog}

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8 Responses to Subtle Inspiration?

  1. I’ve been seeing that first pic all over blogland lately. The chandy (and curtains, actually) looks just like mine!

    It is funny how things stick with you even when you have technically ‘forgotten’ about them. I think your room is way more fun than both of those pics, though!

  2. Brandi says:

    How funny! I guess some things just invade your mind and stay there. Your room is stunning (I like it better than the “designed” rooms — yours is much funkier).

  3. Kate says:

    I’ve had that same photo in my inspiration room file for a long time too (the first one). I think you just like what you like and go with it! I think your room has a lot more personality than the inspiration photos though.

  4. I just love that light fixture! It adds so much to the room! How rude of these inspiration rooms to copy off of yours! 😛

  5. Meg says:

    They’re just so vanilla and you’re so Cherry Garcia. I just love your room! And that has to make you feel good that you KNOW your room is magazine worthy!! I am predicting people using your photo all over blogland for inspiration soon!

  6. that second inspiration photo is striking in it’s simplicity. very nice.

    i have to comment, though, that i think your room is much more interesting than the first. it strikes me as something i’d see in an outdated sears catalog.


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