I’m craving Costco French bread.

Costco French bread

If that’s not one of the most random things, I’m sure the fact that I’ve had this picture on my phone since March 2009 {taken 3/15/09} is. Or maybe it’s kinda crazy. Or fat. Either way, I want it’s warm, chewy goodness.

I think it’s the weather. The cold, gray winter is triggering the instinctual urge to hibernate. Curl up on the couch {or our heated mattress pad} with a blanket, the dog, a hot cup of tea and huge hunk of bread.

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3 Responses to Hibernating

  1. Brandi says:

    Mmmm…Costco bread. I buy so much bread there and just freeze it.
    But I completely agree with you: when it’s cold, I want tea, toast, and a blanket.

  2. heh, that’s funny — i just wrote about my bagel love:


    great blog! glad you i found you through your comment.


  3. katie says:

    we just joined costco, and bought this bread the very first visit! it is the best. thing. ever! i had no idea. i heart costco.

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