Brick City Love Around Town

And by “town” I mean the “interwebs.”

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Kim at NewlyWoodwards. Ya’ll know I’m participating in her DIY blog party but she featured my Upcycled Wood Display on her blog last Thursday. Kim is the sweetest and can totally come play with my power tools any time!

The same project was also featured over at Networx. Networx was completely unknown to me until now. Since their email {giving me the heads up about the feature}, I’ve had fun exploring their website.

Finally, I’ve got a new little project going on ~

Glocally Newark is a great blog here in Brick City that I’ve enjoyed reading for quite a while. In their own words, “Glocally Newark is non-political, concentrating on the lifestyle in Newark and its budding social and cultural scene.” Well…

drum-roll please!

Brick City Love is now their home improvement guest blogger! {curtsies} We’re a whopping one post in but look forward to stopping by Glocally twice a month. Our first guest post premiered Friday. It sheds a little light on my design & lifestyle philosophy and isn’t Newark-centric {so all you non-locals may find it interesting too}. I’m pretty excited about it and will let you know when post #2 is up.

Is there anything you think would make a particularly good post? Something you’re wondering how to do? Or curious about? A project you’re not sure how to get started or an idea to share? Do tell!

{Thanks for sharing the brick city love! Finding out that someone is inspired by or thinks something we’re doing is cool is a huge compliment and we’re beyond flattered.}

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5 Responses to Brick City Love Around Town

  1. Lily says:

    EEEEEE! I love it! Congrats!

  2. kamharrisphoto says:


    (p.s. thanks for the inspiration, check out the magnetic bulldog clips in this pic

  3. kamharrisphoto says: sorry stupid parenthese

  4. stephanie says:

    congrats on making it as a guest blogger 🙂 you’re so fabulous!

  5. Kellie says:

    Holy cannoli, that’s awesome! When you’re famous I’ll be able to say I ‘knew you when…’ LOL!

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