You Get to Pick!

For Monday’s Dare to DIY challenge, I’m trying to decide which way to go and need your help.

Here’s the challenge: Dare to Entertain

Show us your table. This could be for Thanksgiving, for everyday, for the holidays or for something else entirely (Twilight, anyone?). Bring out your table settings, display it in a new way or make something completely new (a table runner, centerpiece, etc.). I promise that having a set table will make you smile. And, everyone can use a smile.

I’ve got 2 ideas – Heirloom China or Thanksgiving Picnic.

“Thanksgiving Picnic” would be more fun and unexpected. Casual and travel friendly, for anyone looking for a relaxed Thanksgiving for 2.

“Heirloom China” would be an updated traditional look {but not too traditional!}. A warm and modern take on the classic holiday table.

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2 Responses to You Get to Pick!

  1. MEA says:

    Heirloom China! (i voted in your special votey engine, but no room for comment. With your love of all things China, why pass up an opportunity to play with it????

  2. Quinn says:

    Like it! Eddie Ross just did a Thanksgiving tablescape in pink and purple on his blog – maybe pink is a new Thanksgiving trend.

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